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An Overview in Pictures


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0 to 60 in a hot second….

Remember that kind of relaxing morning I had yesterday? Yeah that came to a screeching halt as soon as the kids walked into baggage claim. Fortunately, all kids arrived safely with all luggage coming right behind them. We went out to meet the bus where Frank, our driver, was waiting for us. I’ve got a special place in my heart for these bus drivers. Their role will either make my job a whole lot easier or a whole lot more stressful. I’ve worked with some great drivers in the past, but I have also heard of some not so great stories and perhaps experienced a few myself. I also appreciate the opportunity to get to know an individual who I definitely would not have in my normal, daily life. So far Frank has easily and safely gotten us where we’ve needed to go.

Upon meeting this group, I immediately noticed one thing…these boys are polite. I’ve gotten more ‘thank yous’ in the past day than I did some entire summers on trips that lasted 6 weeks. Also, they are just happy to be here. They started cheering when i told them we’d be going to the movies last night. I am happy to be the one opening their eyes and worlds a little bit.

Today we are off to check out the town of park city, spend a few hours having a picnic lunch-tour style, hitting up the PC Olympic center where we will watch ski jumpers train, ride the alpine slide, go ziplining, out to dinner, and to a family fun center for some mini golf and batting cages. I’d say we’ve got a full day ahead.

As an aside, the University of Utah has a kick ass dining hall. At dinner last night there was a beautiful salad bar with fresh, crisp veggies. I was happy to see that because perhaps my other two meals were far,far from being even close to clean eating. I also had some rice with a black bean chili.

Have a good day people.

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