Birthdays Galore

I’m a lucky girl.  I have the best family ever.  You should totally be jealous.  We might live all over the map which often causes me to be getting on and off planes and walking in and out of airports.  My people are worth it because they are the best. Seriously though…October is a big month for us.  Last weekend I went to Florida to celebrate my amazing grandma’s 90th birthday.  This weekend I was in NY celebrating my mom’s 60th.  Here are some of my favorite pictures.

Amanda and I enjoying a morning walk. It is possible that we rolled right out of bed onto the boardwalk....

I love Long Beach. Well...really any beach for that matter.

Amanda waiting for the train to Penn Station

Um yeah. You can get your very own pair of these reading glasses with lights on the sides at CVS. Run before they are sold out!

Very fun show!

Me and my sister, Amanda, during intermission

Me and my sister, Amanda, during intermission. We are a walking advertisement for Warby Parker.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Sunset over Ft. Lauderdale

Just another I love thee....

Grandkids and great grandkids with grandma

Happy 90th!


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