While hiking today, I had this conversation. We were walking on the canyon floor, about to approach the switchbacks that take us back up to the rim. Keep in mind that I am responsible for feeding 37 people, most of them hungry teenage boys.

Camper: “Ali, where are we having lunch?
Me: “In the park, near where we got off the bus.”
Camper: “Where are we getting the food?”
Me: “I went food shopping after we got back to the hotel last night. Lunch will be like the one we had at the park in Park City.” (cold cuts, bread, cheese, veggies, fruit, chips, cookies, crackers, hummus, etc….)
Camper: “Oh, so you are carrying it in your backpack right now?” (I was wearing a small daypack)

Not exactly…..

BTW, today was my 14th time hiking in Bryce and I loved it just as much as my first time there. If you’ve never been, you should plan a trip.

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