SLC Here WeCome

Hi everyone! I won’t be able to post pictures until I get home because I am not carrying my computer but I thought I’d post some updates when and if I have wifi access and time allows (which might be never after I meet the kids at the airport this afternoon).

I arrived after hours of delays in SLC late last night. After spending many summers flying with groups of kids I am easily able to deal with delays on my own. They are still annoying, but I am always glad I only have myself to entertain as I pass the hours. This morning I got up, ate some toast for b-fast from the continental breakfast downstairs… Which already made me feel crappy….damn you gluten sensitivity…. Went for an hour long walk in the SLC sun and thinner air. SLC is over 4000 ft above sea level, sitting almost at the same height as the summit of Mt. Mansfield, our tallest mountain in VT. I made some final phone calls to get things as organized as I can before we start and now I am going to read, organize my bag, shower, and head back to the airport to meet the group. Tonight is a low key night that involves checking into the dorms, having dinner @ the dining hall, and hitting up the movies. Tomorrow we are off to explore Park City…. Walking around town, having a picnic lunch at the park, watching the Olympic athletes train. Ziplining, alpine sliding, and we’ll finish our day with a little family fun center… Batting cages, mini golf, etc…..

Should be a fun day. I am really looking forward to getting back to Moab which is our next stop.

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