July 15, 2011- S L A C K I N G

Hi There,

I’ve been completely slacking on the picture taking this week.  Sometimes I think about that goal I set back in January to take and post a picture a day.  That was ambitious.  I guess you’ve got to shoot for the moon, right?  Isn’t that how it goes….if you miss you’ll land amongst the stars or something like that.  I tend to be good at setting ambitious goals. Sometimes I reach them, other times I don’t.  And, along the way I always find something to take with me….

For the past week  my camera has sat, in it’s bag, in the same spot I dropped it in my house when I got back from NY (I took my little point and shoot down to NH last weekend).  I’m heading down to Waterbury in a little bit to have a “CSA-inspired” dinner (my favorite kind of dinner)  at a friend’s house and I’m going to pick the camera bag up off the floor and bring it with me in hopes of a pretty view of something tonight.

My sister Amanda arrives tomorrow, along with our friend Lindsay. I have some other family coming into town next week and I especially can’t wait for Grandma Ray to visit me at my house.  You can be sure I’ll be posting some pictures of my favorite peeps next week.  Oh, and tomorrow before Amanda comes I’m going to shoot some pictures of Caleb, my friend Steph‘s two week old son. I can’t wait to share those with you.

Happy Weekend!  Happy Summer!


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