July 14, 2011- BODY PUMP

Finally, after almost a year of thinking about and talking about this with my friend Erin (and letting my shoulder heal from an injury last fall), I went to a Body Pump class at my gym this morning. Erin went a few days ago for the first time and I was inspired to put my thoughts into actions (Thanks, Erin!).  Body Pump is a led class that utilizes weights and is focused on strengthening the whole body.  I did a class similar to this several times a week when I was living in Boston called Club Strength (Boston Sports Club members definitely try this!) and I LOVED it.  I’m pretty sure my body is going to have some major soreness going on tomorrow, as in I think every single cell is going to feel this. However, I loved it! One last thing….I always have and continue to hate lunges.  If you have any tips for turning this hate into love, please let me know ASAP.  Thanks so much.


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