July 8, 2011- A Little Zucchini Lesson

If you’ve been following the blog for a little bit, you know that I am currently making my first attempt at gardening.  I’ve made a straw bale garden, which I’m loving.  Aside from the fact that my plants are doing great (all except for that little cucumber plant), there is no weeding involved and it is raised off the ground, so it’s easier on the back. When I first began this venture, I really didn’t know much about growing veggies.  While I’ve learned a little, I’ve got a ways to go.  In a a previous post, I had shared that my zucchini flowers were falling off.  What I learned was that there are two types of flowers, male and female.  The plant produces males first before producing female flowers so it knows that the female flowers will be pollinated once they are produced.  Male flowers never produce fruit.  They will continue to fall off even after the female flowers are present.  They are edible if you feel like cooking them up.  I’ve eaten zucchini blossoms, but I haven’t tried to cook them yet. I hear they are the thing to try at L’Amante (I still have yet to eat there).

You can tell the flowers apart because the stems and stamens are different

Male Flower- thin stem and the stamen is one pointed little thing in the center

Female Flower

I don’t have any larger female flowers that don’t already have a fruit growing (which you can see in yesterday’s post if you want to), but if you look at all these new flowers that are coming in, the top one on the left of the bunch (it’s a little fuzzy…sorry) is a female.  See how the stem is a little chubbier and it looks like a mini zucchini….that’s the difference between the the males with the skinny stems.

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