July 4, 2011- Old Friends Are The Best

Yesterday, aside from stuffing my face with mussels, I had the pleasure and honor of doing photos for my oldest and very dear friend Heather and her fiance, Dave. Heather and I met in elementary school and it was friends at first sight. Even though I already had 2 sisters, she was just like an additional sister and has remained that way through adulthood.  We spent every weekend at one another’s houses, she came to visit me at sleep away camp while I was away for 8 weeks, and sometimes we were not very nice to babysitters.  As adults, we accept and support each other for who we are. She’s one of those friends that you can go months without talking too, yet you’re just able to pick up where you left off.  I’m so happy that Heather has found the love of her life and I can’t wait until the wedding next year! Here is the lovely couple:


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