July 3rd, 2011- Mussel Mania

Great. Day. Today.  My final stop of the day was at Waterzooi, a favorite dining destination of us Schwartz girls.  My mom, sister, and good friends took me there for an early birthday dinner.  My birthday is not for a couple weeks, but they wanted to celebrate with me while I was down in NY visiting.  We went for the early bird special at 5:45 and it’s now 10:00 and I’m still full.  I no longer think vomiting is in my near future, but I’m pretty sure I won’t have to eat anything tomorrow.  MUSSEL MANIA it was for me.  If you like mussels, you seriously must go to Waterzooi. Go. Commonly, mussels are served in a garlicky, wine sauce or something like that, but at Waterzooi, the sky is pretty much the limit.  I got the Bouillabase pot of mussels which of course includes mussels along with shrimp and lobster in a saffron, crab, tomato broth.  It was out of this world.  And, just in case I decide to eat tomorrow, I have enough left to serve the crew coming down to the beach tomorrow.

My huge pot of mussels!

Mom & Me

Amanda got a lobster tail. It looked pretty amazing!

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