June 23, 2011- Beauty

I spent the afternoon with my good friend Steph and her lovely family.  Steph and I met back in grad school (here’s a little shout out to the very small group of Reading Ed students from BU).  After we graduated, Steph came to work as a counselor on one of the tours I was leading out west. It was there that we really bonded over playing animal charades at 1 in the morning, delayed flights, hiking, swimming, hummer rides, and learning about exhaustion at it’s greatest (the exhaustion of new parents might have trumped that, but not something I would know about).  All of which seems like a lifetime ago! Stephanie’s ability to stay positive in challenging situations exceeds those of the typical person.  She is always calm, collected, and happy and when she asked me if I would shoot some maternity photos for her I knew we’d have a great afternoon.  Here are some of my favorites.  I hope you love them too, Steph!!!

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