June 22, 2011- Inch by Inch

I often have this John Denver song in my head when I’m out back admiring my veggie plants.  I look at these things more than anybody in their right mind needs to.  Remember what these looked like just one month (and a day) ago?  The difference is tremendous.  Here are some pictures that I took yesterday, exactly one month after I began planting in the bales.

Zucchini plant- Something I just learned is that the zucchini plant produces male flowers first. Those will fall off and die. Once the plant knows there are male flowers to pollenate the female flowers, it will start producing the female flowers. Those are the ones that become zucchini.



The Setup


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3 responses to “June 22, 2011- Inch by Inch

  1. Ray Schwartz

    Cant wait to see this when I visit soon. You really are into the Good Earth. Happy gardening.

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