Post Cleanse Update

Hi Friends!  I thought I’d write a blog post about how I’m feeling post cleanse.  For those of you just tuning in…. I did a 3 week cleanse based on the book CLEAN.  You can read about it here. With the exception of just a few days of having 2 solid meals and 1 liquid instead of the other way around, I stuck to the detox program.  I had a headache for 2 days in the beginning which is a pretty typical side effect.  I felt great after that for most of the time, although I dealt with a little bit of anxiety about half way through which is completely unusual for me.  While weight loss was not my main motivator for doing this (general health and well being was), for those of you interested I lost 6.2 pounds over the course of the month of elimination diet + cleanse.  Even while reintroduce foods, my weight has continued to drop which I just consider an added bonus.  I’ve lost an additional 2.2 pounds bringing my total to 8.4 pounds.

Some things I’ve discovered:

  • I do not need to eat dark chocolate everyday 🙂
  • I’m using and loving coconut milk more than ever.
  • I LOVE having smoothies for breakfast.  I used to shy away from this because I had a thing about not wanting to drink my calories.  I always thought if I had a smoothie, I’d still want to eat something. I’ve found that the smoothies are delicious, make me feel great, and keep me full for awhile.  I usually have my smoothie around 6:45 and then I eat a piece of fruit, some nuts (or both), a brown rice cake, or a green juice at 9:30 when my students have snack.  I plan on staying with the smoothies for as long as it feels right for me.  I don’t forsee myself wanting to drink smoothies once it gets cold out, which here in Vermont is pretty much next month not for a few months.
  • Juice for breakfast DOES NOT work for me.  I tried it twice.  Both times I was starving.
  • Juice for dinner totally works for me! Actually, I’ve come to really love it.  Since finishing the 21 days, I’m not sticking to this on a daily basis, but I have continued to have juice for dinner 2-3 times a week.  I’m a pretty social person and I enjoy going out to dinner and cooking dinner so when it’s convenient for juice I do it.  When it’s not, I eat regular solid food.
  • I’ve spent more time thinking about and planning my lunches.  I was always a planner when it came to what I was going to bring to school for lunch, but when lunch became my only solid meal of the day I wanted it to be good.  I’ve stuck with that and have really enjoyed what I’ve been making and bringing.
  • I love talking with people who have the same goal of treating their bodies in a healthy and respectful way.
  • I’m excited that my dad, step-mom, and sister have all since started the cleanse.  Amanda and Mom, you’re next 🙂
  • I love dates.  The fruit, not the take me out to dinner kind, although those can be pretty great too.

A couple more things I’ve realized since posting this earlier today (and wanted to share):

  • I injured my shoulder back in October….specifically my bicep tendon.  It has felt better the past few weeks than it has felt in months.  Not just a little better.  A whole lot better.  I really have no idea if it’s due to cleansing or not, but I’m glad it’s feeling so great.
  • I really enjoyed doing this with a group of people.  I could (and may at some point or another) definitely do it on my own, but the camaraderie was nice, as well as hearing everyone’s experiences and sharing ideas.
  • While I don’t plan to rigidly stick to the elimination diet, I do plan to have those food comprise most of my diet (with the exception of adding back nightshades and strawberries).  Because what it comes down to is: I feel really good.

Things I’ve reintroduced since finishing the cleanse:

  1. Eggs- twice with no side effects
  2. Corn- once in a quinoa salad and once as popped corn (with coconut oil, salt, and stevia….AMAZING). Both times corn was fine for me.
  3. Coffee- once at a friends with that chemically creamer that left a nasty film in my mouth, but didn’t effect how I felt.  Another time with cream which was delicious.  Some people say after cleansing coffee tastes like dirt…not for me.  I still enjoyed every last drop.  I had a minor stomach ache later in the day.  Not sure if it was from the coffee, cream, something else.  Regardless, it was minor and wouldn’t prevent me from drinking coffee again.
  4. Wine- 3 times.  White wine on my deck on a sunny Sunday afternoon with friends.  No side effects. Red Wine Sangria at Lyndsey’s bridal shower.  Totally fine.  Red wine with dinner which I love.  I had a headache within an hour.  Not sure if it was the wine or the fact that I had spent the day in my 98 degree classroom and definitely had not drank enough water. I’ll be testing that out again soon.
  5. Light Wheat Bread- I was suspecting a gluten sensitivity and I actually still am.  When I had the eggs, one of the times was half of an egg salad sandwich on light wheat.  It was completely fine.  I’m thinking in small amounts bread will be fine.  The thing is ….I. LOVE. BREAD. Especially the good hearty, seedy, nutty, grainy kind.  And sometimes I can’t stop at one small slice.  I’ll have to remember to work on that.
  6. Cheese.  I had a piece off the salad bar at the windjammer.  Felt fine.  Good thing because I love cheese.  In fact, I love it so much I don’t keep it in my house because I’ll eat the whole block for dinner.
  7. I think that’s all for now folks.

I haven’t yet taken an “after” picture to go with my “before picture, but when I do I’ll post it here.

Happy Sunday!  My favorite day of the week.

Stay tuned. I’m making up a batch of coconut milk ice cream later today.  Recipe will follow in another post.


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5 responses to “Post Cleanse Update

  1. Love your summary. Very impressed!!

  2. Trista

    What a story! I’m glad that you have shared it.

  3. mart schwartz

    Happy to hear that you did so great on your Cleanse.

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