May 9, 2011- ED Day 4

Morning Friends! Today is day 4 of the elimination diet phase of the cleanse.  New York was a success, although I must admit that I can’t wait to go back to Waterzooi and have a big, fat pot of mussels with a side of fries.  I have a confession to make.  I ate a french fry. Just one. It was amazing.  I am already planning my return trip over the summer where a pot of bouillabaisse mussels with a side of their very delicious fries will be waiting.  Fries are my weakness.  I don’t eat them that often for obvious reasons, but I will indulge when they are made to perfection and at Waterzooi they are worth the indulgence.

Back to the cleanse….I haven’t even started the cleansing part of the cleanse and I already feel pretty great!  I’m going to start cleansing tomorrow.  If I start tomorrow, my 21st and last day of cleansing will be on May 31st and something about finishing on the last day of the month feels good to me.  The elimination diet week is optional, you can do a couple days, a full week, or none at all.  So, I’ve decided that it will be 4 days of ED for me.  I’m going to do some food planning and shopping later so I am prepared.  No need to sabotage this effort with a lack of preparation.

A before and after photo has been recommended because most people see improvements in hair, skin, eyes, and overall appearance.  I took this photo to use as my before picture on Saturday before I left for New York:

"Before" Self-Portrait



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2 responses to “May 9, 2011- ED Day 4

  1. Ali, You are already such a beauty it’s hard to imagine that you’ll be even more beautiful after.

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