May 1st, 2011- I had to go see it with my own eyes.

Everyone has been talking about how Breakwaters (a beloved summer bar by many Burlington folks) and the King Street Ferry area are under water.  I had to go see it for myself.  I stopped down this morning before I hit up yoga.  Wow! I’ve lived in Vermont since 1994 and I have never seen Lake Champlain like this.  The Free Press is reporting that we got 7.88 inches of rain in April,  5.10 inches greater than average.  That’s on top of all the snow melt from the crazy amounts of snow we got during the winter months.  The current lake levels are about 3 feet above flood stage! With more rain in the forecast for this week, the water levels are expected to rise even more.  Have no fear friends.  Breakwaters is always prepared for flooding since they deal with some amount of it every spring and according to my inside sources they will still be able to open this summer. I think when people are done bailing, pumping, and vacuuming water out of their basements…..and repairing their driveways that have been swept away… drinks are going to be in order.

The lake was so calm and flat this morning, it’s hard to tell where the actual structures and buildings end and the reflections begin.


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