April 21, 2011- Happy 60th Birthday, Dad!

Today my dad turns 60.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!  If you haven’t been fortunate enough to have spent some time with dad, I’ll tell you a little about him.  There are many words that can describe him, but if I had to pick just one, it would be this: GENEROUS.  He is always looking out for other people and always giving what he is able to whether it be his time, advice, experiences, or love  to enrich the lives of others.  He remains eternally positive, even in times when that is a huge challenge. I can only hope that when I am 60 that I have touched as many lives as he has.  Thanks for everything, Dad!

My dad and stepmom

My sisters and I are in Florida to celebrate this birthday with him.  It’s been a great week so far.  Today we are spending the day together sailing and then we’re having some family and friends over for dinner. I’m not sure if I can think of a better way to spend a special birthday.  Sun, ocean, family, and good food.  Sounds like a great time to me.  I hope he agrees! My sisters and I got him an Apple TV and a year subscription to Netflix since he got rid of his cable.

My awesome Grandma who is going to turn 90 in October and my dad at a family reunion we had 2 Novembers ago.

Some of my favorite memories through the years:

  • Going to Nunlees when the leaves came back on the trees.  No, Stephen, I will not smell your ice cream.
  • Washing and waxing the cars outside our Hewlett Harbor house. Does anybody still wash their own car?
  • Bike rides to the Duck Pond
  • Breakfasts at the Pancake Cottage before (or maybe instead of) Hebrew School on Sunday mornings.
  • Our drives to Florida while I was growing up.  I often got the front seat because my sisters would go to sleep. I wanted to see everything.  I think I loved traveling even in my younger days.
  • Going to the car show in Carlisle, PA in that Winnebago
  • That meal of Chicken Marsala that you made in my college apartment on Buell Street (remember that one Buell Street girls?).  We were surviving on english muffin pizzas and chicken tenders from Costco.  I thought that chicken marsala was the best thing I had ever tasted.
  • Ski trips (with the Zacharias) to Mount Snow, Okemo, and then to Stowe or Sugarbush when I moved up to VT for college.  Dad, remember that year you busted up a couple ribs?  I don’t even think we went home early.
  • Learning to drive.  Dad, you made me do figure 8s in reverse in the parking lot at Waverly Park.  I hated it then, but I laugh now every time I think about that.
  • Getting Sparky.  I’m pretty sure you brought him home from Barry’s garage for “the night.”  That night lasted many, many years.
  • All of your support with the home buying process.  I love my house.  Thanks for your help.

    Amanda and Dad on Monday night before the seder

Amy and Amanda, I’m sure I could keep going.  Anything you want to add?

I am filled with gratitude for the amazing family that I am so very lucky to have.  I love you all.


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One response to “April 21, 2011- Happy 60th Birthday, Dad!

  1. Ray Schwartz

    I am so happy to share your memories. I remeber them well. Dad’s 60th was truly a warm, loving celebration. So glad that we were all able to be together. It never ceases to amaze me how all my little ones have grown and matured into such wonderful human beings. Love and hugs to you all. Grandma Ray

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