Vacation Catch Up

I, of course, continued taking photos during the week, but once I left California and headed to Arizona I didn’t have a computer any longer (I had been using my sister’s).  Here is my favorite from each day, actually they aren’t my favorite, but they are what I’m wanting to share. Enjoy!

February 25th- Are they cute, or what?

Benjamin and his friend Charlotte

February 26th- Zoe

This dog has the greatest personality and loves to lead the pack on hikes.  She climbed (there was definitely some scrambling of rocks) to the top of Cammelback Mountain with us.  Great day!

Zoe, Kerrie and Kim's dog, on the summit of Cammelback

February 27th- I love these girls!

These 2 women are 2 of my closest friends from my college days at UVM.  I’m lucky to have such wonderful people in my life.  Heather and Kerrie, you are both awesome!

Love you two!

February 28th- On My Way Home Sweet Home!

On the plane before sunrise. I do LOVE airports.


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6 responses to “Vacation Catch Up

  1. greg

    i enjoy airports, as well. i think it comes from the fact that i no longer have 30-40 other people to worry about while there…

  2. mp

    Listen, ABS and GS…… No one loves airports more than me, so back off!!!

  3. Mel

    Yay! What a GREAT time, eh? Seems like it was….

    and I hope your travels home were good and uneventful.

    Have a super duper blessed day/week & beyond!

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