For the love of food!

This stuff is amazing! And, don't you just love that rainbow umbrella?

Any of you followers that actually know the Schwartz family know that we love food, cooking, eating, admiring, and anything else that has to do with it.  So, this trip to LA, while giving me quality time with the family, has also brought me to some of my favorite places.  You’ve seen the citrus love at the Farmer’s Market and the sushi love at Itsakaya and now, for the last of the food lovin’ here in LA I bring you……another one of the best little (or big once you see the size of the bag) treats.  It’s the Mexican fruit from the street vendors.  Freshly cut fruit (yesterday’s bag included watermelon, pineapple, cantaloupe, oranges, coconut, mango, and cucumber.  Sometimes there is jicama too, but he was all out), sprinkled with chili powder, Mexican lemon, and salt).  We got two bags because Amy doesn’t like hers spicy so she just gets it with lemon and salt and I get the works.  Some people come to California and fill up on In-N- Out, See’s Candy, and, Diddy Reese….and don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried all of those at some point or another, but my favorites, which you’ve read about, are sushi, the fresh produce from the farmer’s markets, and the fruit vendors.  Living in Vermont where the growing season is quite limited, I appreciate and love to consume  fresh, recently grown and harvested, fruits and/or vegetables.  It’s been a great trip (obviously not just for the food…that comes in second to my family….or maybe third putting sunshine above food).  I’m off to Arizona today to visit some very old friends and my Aunt and Uncle, but not before going to pre-school today for Hannah’s Special Visitors Day.  Should be a hoot!

The goods, directly before we started inhaling them.













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4 responses to “For the love of food!

  1. Amanda

    How come I’ve never been to this magical fruit cart???? Ali, have a safe flight! I’m jealous you get to go to special persons day! Have a blast! ❤

  2. I don’t know, but you should definitely go the next time you are out here!

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