February 18, 2011- (More) Penguin Progress

Once again, it’s Friday night, and I am spending this lovely evening (and it absolutely is a lovely evening) with my good friends, The Penguins.  It’s hard to see in the pictures, but the most recent addition to this beautiful Arctic scape is sitting on an egg.  Man is he taking good care of that egg, making sure it doesn’t get cold through the Winter.  Penguin fact of the week: Male penguins don’t eat ALL WINTER LONG! Their sole reason for being throughout the frigid months is to take care of the egg and make sure it doesn’t get too cold. They do this while the females swim around eating as much fish, krill, and other various sea creatures as they can.  I’m glad I’m not a male penguin.

Here is his new home. This will be the front frame of the book.



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2 responses to “February 18, 2011- (More) Penguin Progress

  1. Donna Powers

    What are you writing a penguin book??

    • Donna,
      I’m taking a grad class @ St. Mike’s. We have to make a wordless book about a bird of our choice that communicates 10 facts about the bird. I chose penguins. If you have any use for my book in math after it’s finished, you are certainly welcome to use it.

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