February 11, 2011-Penguins

It’s not even 7 o’clock on Friday night and I’m ready for bed.  Wow, I’m so cool.  Actually, I’m enjoying this much needed night of doing nothing (sorry friends, that I bailed on you).  I’ve spent the last little while working on this project for the class that I’m taking.  We have to make a tunnel book with the main subject being a bird of our choice.  From the book, people need to be able to identify 10 facts about the bird.  The bird I chose is a penguin….for several reasons. I love black and I think the Arctic is really cool and pretty. Penguins are pretty amazing creatures.  Did you know that they drink salt water? Their bodies have a way of separating the salt out and storing it in a special gland.  When that gland is full, they bang their beak against a rock to empty it.  Weird, but cool! I don’t have any glue at my house right now. So, what you see right now is just the beginning stage of my tunnel book……and just a small section of it.  The penguin is not finished, but I like him so far.  He’s going to have a little penguin chick with him when I’m done.


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2 responses to “February 11, 2011-Penguins

  1. really about banging the beak?? so cool!

  2. I know. I don’t think I’m going to make a penguin banging it’s beak in my book, but it’s really cool.

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