Welcome to the amazing 30s, Playground.

Happy Birthday Lindsay!

As you may or may not know, I was in Boston on Saturday celebrating my dear friend Lindsay‘s 30th birthday.  That’s right the big 3-0!  Well, today is the actual day and she deserves a shout out on the blog. I met Lindsay years ago.  She was my sister Amanda’s friend first (thanks for sharing, Amanda!).  They went to college together.  After college, Lindsay needed a place to live for the summer and I was heading west for the summer job that I used to have, so I offered my place and in return she took care of my cat, Jack.  We overlapped for several weeks on either end of my trip. Our friendship really began then over talks about guys and bags of frozen peas. Then, life took us in various directions….Lindsay went to Australia and I moved to Boston.  Upon my return to Burlington from Boston we became roommates.  This is when we really bonded.  She became my hiking partner in crime and is how she got the trail name Playground (which has been changed in recent years to Grayground after watching one of our favorite cheesy movies together: Catch and Release),….as well as the one to accompany me on several other adventures, skydiving being one of them and online dating being another (there may or may not have been some spying involved).  Our friendship grew while we spent our time discussing whether or not we should dig a hole when we poop in the woods, how much water to carry, and how to avoid getting eaten by bears in the woods. You should see us trying to hang a bear bag. We could seriously amuse you for hours. Lindsay could have a job as a stand-up comic because she really is that funny, but instead she uses her talents as a social worker at the House of Corrections in Boston, making a difference in people’s lives every day.  Happy Birthday Grayground!  You are amazing! Linds, my 30s have been my favorite decade of my life so far….by far…  I hope they are for you too!

P.S. Give me your books that you don’t need anymore for her book drive!

We were on the Long Trail in Southern Vermont.

This was from our first hiking trip. We DID NOT know what we had in store for us!

Clean, pretty, and energetic the morning we were starting one of our Long Trail hikes.



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4 responses to “Welcome to the amazing 30s, Playground.

  1. Oh this made me cry. Thanks for such a wonderful tribute to meee! I am equally grateful for the friendship that has bloomed and feel so lucky to have you in my life. XOXOX

  2. Mel

    Happy 30th birthday, Lindsay! I pray it’s a blessed day, and year, with SO many more to come!

  3. Amanda

    The best part is that description of your friendship is so wonderfully nothing like our fabulous friendship! Thanks Lindsay for being not only my bestie but my sister’s too! ❤

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