Weekly Food Prep

Those of you who have known me for awhile, know that Sundays during the school year usually consist of a morning yoga class followed by some food shopping and prepping food for the week.  By Sunday night, I like to have my food packaged in individual portions so during the week, I can just grab and go.  Not every week works exactly like this, but when I can make it happen, I do. Here are all of the fruits and veggies that are going to accompany my lunches.

This week's mid-morning snack....because I usually eat with the kids at 9:30...bluberries. I tend to only buy berries when they are in season, but these guys were on sale and I couldn't resist.

Apples will be the fruit of the day with my lunches this week. They are easy. No prep involved.

There will definitely be clementines involved again this week. So what if I ate 5 of these suckers yesterday?

Cucumbers will be the veggie du jour this week. I only cut one of these because I don't like them by the end of the week if they've been cut and sitting in the fridge all week.


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