One Pot Wonders

What are you cooking tonight?  I am cooking one of my famous “One-Pot Wonders”.  They are definitely world famous and if you have not been lucky enough to taste one of these, you are missing out!  Lindsay used to have the privilege of eating these for dinner with me when we lived together, but she moved to Boston and now she is totally missing out.  You might be wondering, what exactly is a one pot wonder? By definition, of course, it is anything that requires only one pot to cook the entire meal.  I hate doing dishes.  This is perfect for me.  Tonight’s one pot wonder will serve as my dinner tonight and some lunches this week.  I started with a couple tablespoons of olive oil and threw in the following:

One pot wonders that involve tomatoes or tomato sauce are traditionally topped with parmesan cheese. You should try this at home.

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One response to “One Pot Wonders

  1. Mel

    Yum! That sounds so good….. I might have to try it sometime, perhaps soon : )

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